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Thursday Items

-- I'm going to liveblog tomorrow night's Cal/NC State game, so if you're around the internets and would like to join me for an incoherent rant or three, stop on by. Vicious sarcasm will be fully embraced.

-- Give Ken Pomeroy some credit for nailing the game of the day. Pacific should've held off Boston College in the first overtime but made some silly mistakes in the last few minutes (not the least of which was leaving Dudley open for a three when the Eagles were down 5 with a minute to go).

Props to Dudley for eschewing the "let's shave our heads in the name of team solidarity" thing. Don't these guys know they're going to be on television? Everyone on the team should have sat down, pictured John Oates's hairless dome and said, "nuh uh."

-- The San Francisco Chronicle talked to an anonymous ACC assistant coach for an article on the Wolfpack. Among the assistant's comments:

"Nobody in the ACC guards us better than North Carolina State, and that includes Duke," the ACC assistant said.

Nice compliment, though it rings less true this season.

-- As I write this, I'm keeping an eye on the action...