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Trudging Into The Offseason

Bummer, dudes. The disappointment of the last few weeks will have to continue on into the summer. NC State couldn't so much as muster a decent offensive showing in its final game, as Texas held State to its second-lowest PPP (points per possession) output of the season.

In the seven games after Evtimov's injury, NC State's average offensive efficiency rating was 100--far below the impressive standard set by the team in this season and in years past. That's despite playing three games against the ACC's 11th- and 12th-ranked defenses (BC and Wake Forest). The offense has done nothing but slide down the national rankings, and although it spent most of the season in the top 15-20, it will end the year ranked somewhere in the 40s. If you look at the data from 2005 and 2004, you'll see this is the worst NC State's offense has been in some time. Ditto, for that matter, the defense.

Against Texas, NC State did a good job on the defensive glass and took care of the basketball, but the Horns were better in both categories. And the discrepancy in shooting percentage was such that it was the only factor that mattered.

Now that we're toast (not to mention my bracket--thanks, Kansas), I'll be rooting for the mid-majors in the Sweet Sixteen.