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He's gone to plaid!

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From today's press conference:

"I'd like to begin by thanking so many wonderful people at North Carolina State. I was very blessed to have a remarkable chancellor, Dr. Jim Oblinger, a terrific athletics director, Lee Fowler, our chairman of the board, Wendell Murphy, as well as a great faculty and staff to work together with and a wonderful fan base who put us year in and year out among the leaders in the country in attendance.

"Perhaps most significantly though, the opportunities that I continue to be blessed with are because of the wonderful young men who came to NC state to play for us. It is with a real sense of gratitude that I sit here today because of so many of those people and their efforts to help us along the way."
So strange.
It had to be difficult for Herb to say this. I'm sure that his sentiments with regards to the administration are sincere, but he must harbor bitter thoughts for a portion of the fan base. Were I in his shoes, I probably wouldn't have been able to avoid a few parting shots. Fortunately, Herb has an endless amount of tact and self-restraint.

Seth Greenberg said Arizona State got a 'complete steal'. And he is absolutely right about that. Without the unusual circumstances in Raleigh, ASU probably doesn't find a coach with solid experience and major-conference credentials. Credit to the Sun Devils for being opportunistic. I bet they even threw in that tie.

In other coaching news, LSU's John Brady wants more money (HT: Silflay Hraka). I thought this comment was funny:

"If another school made a serious run and offered me something that I thought was fair for me, I'd take a look at it," Brady said. "But what I'm not going to do is manufacture something to make somebody listen to me. I will never play one school against another."

If you're not trying to play one school against another, it's probably a bad idea to publically announce your willingness to listen to offers.

"Hey [wink, wink], it's just, you know, [nudge, nudge] common courtesy to listen to offers. I don't want to be rude [is this thing on?] or anything."