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LSU AD: $2 million for John Brady? That's crazy!

I got a kick out of this:

If North Carolina State offers LSU basketball coach John Brady $2 million, LSU athletic director Skip Bertman says go for it.

"If North Carolina State offers him $2 million, I think John should interview there because he's not going to get $2 million here," Bertman said Wednesday afternoon. "That would be outrageous. Nobody in the SEC makes $2 million."

Bertman's candid comments remind us why tact is for losers. What Bertman says isn't a revelation--of course he's not going to more than double Brady's current salary--but I am surprised he would be so explicit about it. That can't be good for coach-AD relations.

Later in the article (emphasis below is mine):

Until LSU's Final Four run, which included a stunning upset of Duke, Brady was unpopular among fans, particularly on the Internet, and struggled to fill the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. He does not always display a warm media personality either.

So on the plus side, if we hire Brady, he'll feel right at home.

"Damn those internets!"