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No, no! The PTA has not disbanded.

On Saturday, the Winston-Salem Journal's John DeLong told all of us to relax. Today, Caulton Tudor says we shouldn't panic:

And an opportunity is exactly what this is for State. A new coach in his early or mid-40s could well be on the job through Mike Krzyzewski's retirement at Duke and perhaps through Roy Williams' final seasons at North Carolina.

Krzyzewski, 59, and Williams, 55, are youthful and energetic by either age comparison. Hopefully, both will be around for many years to come.

But clearly, time could be on State's side with this hire.

It's certainly something that Fowler has to take into account. He has to find the best person for the 2006-07 season while keeping a casual eye on what the ACC might look like in 2016-17.

Wait 'Til Ten Years From Now is the new Wait 'Til Next Year.

All this advice is unnecessary, if you ask me. Since everyone is in the dark about the current status of the search, there isn't anything to get worked up over.