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Expert Analysis

Coupla items as I try not to think about the hockey game:

-- This post alerted me to a recent Terry Bowden article on the NFL draft. In the article, Bowden ranks the schools with a simple weighted point system. NC State fares well (and sticks out like a sore thumb), of course, but I'm more interested in Bowden's comments.

(Emphasis below is mine.)

Then there is the enigma that is North Carolina State. The Wolfpack had the fifth-best year in the NFL draft and didn't even end the season in the AP top 25. I have studied the draft for the past several years, and let me say that it is quite unusual for NC State to be in the NFL draft top 10.

Yeah, no kidding, Terry.

So as good as Chuck Amato is at recruiting, and yes, the old defensive line coach did have three defensive linemen drafted in the first round, I don't think this will be an every-year occurrence for the Wolfpack. If State is going to continue to have such great days in the draft, it needs to win more than seven games.

It's like he's channeling John Kruk or something.

-- From Ken Pomeroy: Shooting Percentage and Height

-- Canes/Sabres: game seven? Do we have to? I am going to be a nervous wreck by the first intermission.