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The Jokes Continue; Plus, NCSU Unveils Its Own Blogging Service

-- You have to admit this is funny:

We’re probably quoting this letter to the editor from the Raleigh News & Observer just to be mean, but hey, whaddya gonna do?

We need illegal aliens in this country because they’ll take jobs that no other American will take, such as head coach of men’s basketball at N.C. State.
Joe Galanko
Chapel Hill

One commenter suggests that if Duke is the Yankees and UNC is the Red Sox, that makes NC State akin to the D-Rays. This is, of course, not an apt comparison, as the Devil Rays actually beat the Yankees somewhat regularly.

-- Good posticle from Mike DeCourcy today:

No matter what you think of the coaching search at N.C. State, understand one thing: Not a single coach turned down this job because some Wolfpack fans were mean to Herb Sendek. Not one.

Many of them will tell you Sendek did a pretty fair job, and they'd be right, but most coaches only will be critical of a rival coach if the two of them are competing for the same recruit.

What those coaches who are -- or were -- interested in this job understand is that despite not making the NCAA Tournament for his first five seasons on the job, Sendek was allowed to remain for another five seasons. That's the kind of sturdy support few coaches expect in the positions they hold now.

The only thing I disagree with is his assertion that getting Rick Barnes was never going to happen. From what I have read and heard, Barnes was a real possibility.

-- The matchups have been set for the 2006 ACC/Big Ten Challenge. NC State and Michigan will lead things off on Monday, November 27th.

-- Check this out: WolfBlogs (HT: Blogging Roller):

Welcome to WolfBlogs, a blogging service that is available to current students, faculty, and staff at North Carolina State University. WolfBlogs is a service provided by the NCSU Libraries to support the personal and curricular activities of the NC State community. All you need to get started is your NC State Unity ID and password.

Start your own blog, courtesy of North Carolina State University.

-- I would be remiss if I didn't link to this. Tailgating has never been so annoying.