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Tuesday Items

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-- In his "Ten for Tuesday" piece, Gregg Doyel takes a look at the most fascinating offseason assistant coaching moves (caution: jab at Sidney Lowe imminent)...

5. N.C. State flip-flop: Ace recruiter Larry Harris followed boss Herb Sendek from North Carolina State to Arizona State. And then a few weeks later Harris returned to N.C. State, where he will work for new Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe. Lowe's a lot more fun than Sendek. Sendek's going to work a lot longer than Lowe, though. Just saying, Larry Harris. Just saying.

There are several interesting entries on Doyel's list: the package deals at Kansas State, the forthcoming hire of an AAU coach by Seton Hall, Charlotte's snatching of a top UMD assistant.

One has to admire what Bobby Gonzalez (Seton Hall) is doing. Shady, but clever.

-- On a related note, Maryland lost a recruit from its class of 2007 thanks to the departing assistant mentioned in Doyel's article. The player, Jeff Jones, is a shooting guard from Pennsylvania, and according to the article, NC State had offered him a scholarship. His profile says otherwise, but does indicate that NC State recruited him. Might the Wolfpack try to get reinvolved?

-- Will there be delays to the Carter-Finley renovations after this incident?

At least 15 undocumented workers are in custody after an early-morning raid in west Raleigh. The raid stems from a traffic accident that tied up traffic for hours on Interstate 40 during Monday's morning commute.

The athletic department has already made seats in the new endzone sections available for purchase, so I hope this isn't going to put the school in a bind.

-- Derek Morris is back in an NFL camp.

-- As we were leaving the RBC Center after the hockey game last night, we noticed a man lying prone in the street that runs between the arena and Carter-Finley Stadium. One of my friends knows CPR and went over to offer help, but fortunately the man was not seriously hurt. I was told that the guy had been punched by a Sabres fan and had somehow managed to split the back of his head open on a rock (I guess it was a hell of a punch).

There was an article in today's News and Observer detailing several incidents that occurred during the first two games, but I can't tell if the guy we saw was involved in one of the confrontations mentioned.

I wish I'd seen this one:

Raleigh police charged Sean McNaughton, 20, of Perrysburg, N.Y., another Buffalo suburb, with damaging property. He was accused of jumping onto and denting the hood of a Hurricanes fan's flag-adorned car.

I didn't have any trouble with Sabres fans at the game; I'm sure the outcome had a little something to do with that. We parked near a bunch of them, and they were loud, but they kept to themselves. While they were playing beer pong, we looked on incredulously as they stacked their empty cups like so. You don't stack your empty cups, dudes.

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