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Cedric Simmons is the top power forward in the draft.

...or so says this guy.

The Best 10 Years from Now?: One of the harder classes in recent memory to pin down, this year's power forwards are split along several lines: athletic vs. skilled, power vs. finesse, experienced vs. raw. But no one straddles the categories -- and therefore offers the greatest potential -- quite like N.C. State's Cedric Simmons.

A quick check of the numbers won't scream superstar, but you must consider the grossly perimeter-oriented system he played in and the fact that he's just begun to trust his skills. The major positives in Simmons' game: a gargantuan wingspan, a terrific bounce in his step and the mentality to move people out of his way instead of letting the defense dictate what he does. Simmons is very unpolished at the moment -- his post moves need to be tightened up and he needs to quit selling out for blocks -- and his conditioning is woeful. But the killer instinct he shows on the court will drive him to perfect his craft and get his butt into shape. Remember Vin Baker in his Milwaukee heyday? That's the kind of player Simmons could become.

(Emphasis is the author's.)