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Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Photos

A few shots from the upper deck. Check out the sequence that starts with "Oilers Win Faceoff" and ends with "Ward Stops Pronger Shot."

You can tell what a hot ticket the Finals are just by scoping all the fabulous celebrities at the game. Mark Jacobson (he must be between Toyota of Durham commercial shoots). Ricky Proehl, Wake Forest legend. Steve Smith, teammate of Wake Forest legend Ricky Proehl. Mia Hamm. Kid Rock (?!).

And... Chris Berman. You're with me, Stanley.

When Berman was put on the jumbotron, there were disappointingly few boos. I did what I could, but somehow I doubt he heard me from the next-to-last row.

Recap and highlights: Canes 5, Oil 0

Staal Shoots