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AJC: Valvano’s legacy is hope

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Now, a few days ago, it was "Jimmy V Never Give Up Foundation Day" on this radio network, to which I had just casually tuned in. It was a flashback. The N.C. State basketball coach had flown to New Jersey to receive the Ashe Award, and his acceptance was more than a speech, it was a challenge, more powerful than Valvano could have ever imagined. The voice would have shattered chandeliers, brought tears to your eyes. He told the story of his first coaching job, freshman coach at Rutgers.

"Vince Lombardi was my hero. I was 21 and most of my players were 19, and I was sending them out charged up. I was sending them out to play for Rutgers, our first game, and I was adapting Coach Lombardi’s values to us. ‘When you go out there tonight, you are playing for faith, family and the Green Bay Packers,’ I said." Oops! He laughed at his gaffe.

On an unrelated note, someone's added highlights from the 1992-93 basketball season to YouTube. See the Pack squeak by Oregon State, UNC-Asheville, and Clemson.