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The outrage!

Reactions from a couple of schools that have either been banned by the NCAA or put on its watch list...

Fork Union:

"It's a bit like that feeling you get standing in your stocking feet at the airport security line with your shoes in your hand," says Lt. General John E. Jackson, Jr., President of Fork Union Military Academy. "You're pleased that the appropriate authorities are taking their jobs so seriously, but you're frustrated that they are taking their time scrutinizing you instead of out catching the real culprits. This is outrageous behavior which affects lots of young men who are considering coming to our school next month. It is an unconscionable act to paint the Academy with the same brush as those who are mocking the system. This situation needs to be rectified by the NCAA at the speed of light or irreparable damage will be the result."

Word of God Christian Academy:

Officials at Raleigh's Word of God Christian Academy were stunned Thursday that they were on the list of schools from which transcripts would not be accepted for NCAA play. A Word of God student could be admitted to college but would not be eligible for NCAA competition.

"This is truly a miscommunication," Word of God principal Anesha Pittman said in a statement issued by the school. "We clearly have and will always do what's needed to make sure that we abide by NCAA Clearinghouse standards.

"We expect to be cleared by the NCAA in the near future. It's truly just a matter of submitting paperwork to the NCAA on a national level."