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Tuesday Items: That is so last month, Gregg.

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-- Don't click if you don't want to: Gregg Doyel shows off his lack of research.

Amato is 2-3 against UNC coach John Bunting, another coaching alum who has been recruiting the dickens out of the state while Amato has tried to build his program on Florida products. For that, Amato isn't popular with state high school coaches. For going 12-12 since losing Rivers to the NFL, Amato is losing popularity with Wolfpack fans.

If you made it through that paragraph without rolling your eyes, I applaud you.

Gregg should know this has been covered.

-- ACC Now previews Virginia:

In his only season with the New York Jets in 2000, Al Groh famously tossed/broke innocent locker room furniture during the halftime of a Jets’ Monday Night game with Miami.

The Jets’ rallied to win that game 40-37 in overtime after trailing 30-7 in the fourth quarter. Groh’s going to have to Nagano a lot of furniture to finagle a fifth straight bowl out of this inexperienced Virginia bunch.

-- ESPN fired Harold Reynolds today, and Deadspin is all over it. My favorite from the comments:

He wasn't fired. Steve Phillips traded Harold and a key grip to be named later to Fox for McCarver's hairpiece, some whooshing helmet/robot graphics, and Scooter the curveball.

-- Lastly, Paul Westerdawg alerted me to this photo and funny story from the ACC media event in Jacksonville.

Don't try to get your UGA hat signed by Chan Gailey, you kids. Why you'd want to do that, I have no idea.