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Tuesday Notes: The Joke Not Likely To Die Anytime Soon

-- So New Bern HS has been searching for a new football coach for six months...

"Now I know how Lee Fowler felt," [NBHS Principal] Fuhrman quipped, referring to the North Carolina State Athletic Director and his long search for a men’s basketball coach after Herb Sendak resigned to take the Arizona State job. Eventually, Fowler hired Sidney Lowe, a member of the 1983 NCAA champion Wolfpack squad.


-- BlogPoller MDG has written a preview of the ACC.

-- In case you've been experiencing withdrawal from coachspeak, here's an interview with Herb Sendek done by the East Valley Tribune.

"It’s maybe a misrepresentation. I think people make a quantum leap from, ‘They run the Princeton offense,’ to ‘They play slow.’ The facts don’t support that.
"Last year, if you take our per game scoring (74.5) and put it in the Pac-10, only Washington would have scored more points in conference play and they’re considered up-tempo."

Actually, the facts do support the assertion that "they play slow." NC State ranked in the bottom-third of the country in adjusted possessions per game, which would certainly put the team in the "slow" category. The Wolfpack played at even slower paces in 2004 and 2005 (not that I have a problem with that).

-- Football and basketball, not so much. But this--this we got down:

A North Carolina State University computer design team won the IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition with its project "SunRay." The Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications team took second place with its project "Coal Mine Enhancing System," and "Synairgy," the project of the Politehnica University of Bucharest team, placed third. N.C. State also won the Microsoft Award for Software Engineering. The Microsoft Multimedia Award went to Nanjing University for creative use of multimedia in the presentation and demonstration of their project, "AntiHunter."

-- Happy 4th, everybody!