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Wednesday Items: Farewell To A Wolfpack Legend

-- Sad news today: Dick Dickey, who was a big part of Everett Case's early success in Raleigh, died earlier this week.

As a member of four consecutive Southern Conference-champion teams and a three-time All-America, Dickey had one of the most decorated careers in NC State basketball history, thanks in part to his famous one-handed jumpshot.

He was part of the 1947 team that introduced cutting down the nets - an Indiana high school tradition - to college basketball, following its Southern Conference Tournament Championship. He was also a member of the 1950 team that was the first to play in Reynolds Coliseum and became the first NC State team to advance to the Final Four, losing to Baylor in the semifinals in New York City.

Dickey, with his flashy style, won All-Southern Conference honors in each of his four years in Raleigh, becoming the only player in NC State history to earn all-conference honors in four consecutive seasons. He was also the Most Valuable Player in the 1949 Dixie Classic and the winner of the Alumni Athletic Trophy.

In the spring of 1950, Dickey became the first NC State player ever drafted into the National Basketball Association, going to the Baltimore Bullets in the third round.

-- Todd Fuller is on his way to Australia to play for the South Dragons of the National Basketball League. Poor Todd can't even get a basketball gig in the northern hemisphere. I'm a little disappointed, because I was hoping he'd end up with the Wollongong Hawks. If you google "NBL," "National Basketball League" shows up in the results between the "National Bicycling League" and the "National Blackbelt League."

Get you a Todd Fuller jersey and be the proud recipient of confused stares at NCSU sporting events for years to come.

-- Cedric Simmons is looking to make a name for himself in Nawlins:

The Hornets hope Simmons will emerge as a defensive stopper, capable of making players think twice about going in the lane to score.

"He's energetic and passionate about the way he plays," Scott said. "He's defensive-minded and very athletic."

Scott said last week he thought Armstrong was more ready to play at this point than Simmons. Simmons took the message as a challenge that he has more work ahead -- hoping the added motivation will yield the same results as it did between his freshman and sophomore seasons with the Wolfpack.

-- From Andy Katz: ten recruiting plotlines to follow.

9. How noticeable will Bobby Cremins (College of Charleston), Bob Huggins (Kansas State) and Sidney Lowe (N.C. State) be on the road?

Cremins hasn't done recruiting since 2000, but this should still feel familiar to him. Still, the grind could wear on him as he must make his presence felt on the road. Huggins is iconic and likely will choose his spots wisely. Lowe must get out to familiarize himself with the system, since the current setup wasn't around in the early '80s.