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Wednesday Items: Lowe Continues To Emphasize Wolfpack Tradition

-- NC State coach wants team to embrace history:

When told rising Wolfpack sophomores Courtney Fells and Brandon Costner haven't seen the tape of that famous game 23 years ago, Lowe responded emphatically, "They're going to see it."

Lowe also pointed one of his recruits to research Hall of Famer David Thompson, who led N.C. State to the 1974 NCAA championship.

"You get a text (message) back (from the recruit saying), "Wow, he was really good,"' Lowe said. "That's what they need to know."

-- NCAA officials are visiting Fork Union today and Oak Hill tomorrow.

[Fork Union's athletic director] said he thinks the NCAA wants to examine Fork Union's one-subject plan, which the school has used since the 1950s. Ninth-grade through postgraduate students take only one class - say, algebra - for seven weeks, six hours a day. So a student could take three sequential math courses in one year - unheard of at most high schools.

-- Auburn University can relate to the credibility issues that Fork Union and Oak Hill are facing right now. Should Auburn somehow lose it accredation, it could join the North American Association of Unaccredited Colleges and Universities, thereby associating itself with renowned institutions like Alabama Pacific University, the Lower Intra-Continental Institute, and the Sports University of Central Kansas.