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Would you like to join Thurl Bailey's pyramid scheme?

I'm sure it's a tremendous money-making opportunity and etcetera.

It goes without saying, but Thurl Bailey is truly larger than life: 6'11", NCAA National Championship with North Carolina State University (if you could see the ring!), 7th overall pick of the N.B.A. Draft by the Utah Jazz (1983), awarded the NBA's prestigious J. Walter Kennedy Community Service Award, received the Italian League's 1998 All Star Games' Most Valuable Player, singer, songwriter, Winner of the Pearl Awards of Best Contemporary Recording and Best New Artist of the Year (2000), awarded the Utah Association for Gifted Children Community Service Award, received the Sigma Gamma Chi Fraternity's Exemplary Manhood Award, received the Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America's American Champion Award, last 17 years has conducted a Non-Profit Youth Basketball Camp, finally, a devoted family man, married to his sweetheart Sindi and a father of five children ( ).

"Big T", without question is an incredible and talented individual, and our lives were significantly enriched by just spending one day with him and his rapidly growing team yesterday! He’s an invaluable asset to his Team and the rest of the Network, and his commitment in sharing in the education process of the power of "the Healthy Chocolate, Xoçai™" is undeniable!