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Let's Not Go Overboard

From the What Not To Call Your Newspaper file: the Lenoir News-Topic says App State can hang with the Wolfpack (hat tip: What's Happening).

While North Carolinians gear up for what should be an exciting season in the Atlantic Coast Conference, the most important game between two North Carolina teams is inching closer.

I'm not talking about the North Carolina vs. N.C. State annual matchup, which I've come to dub the Battle of Mediocrity.

The most important and relevant college football game between two North Carolina schools this year happens opening weekend when Appalachian State University struts its stuff into Raleigh to challenge the Pack.

Most important and relevant intrastate game for ASU, maybe. Not for us.

The article goes on to justify ASU's chances by citing precedent: the Mountaineers' wins over Wake Forest back in the day. If they really think this NC State team is in any way comparable to Jim Caldwell's anemic Wake teams, they're in for a bit of a surprise.

There's also mention of ASU's decent showing against LSU last year (the Tigers won 24-0). On the flip side, I can point out that ASU
had plenty of trouble with Eastern Kentucky last season, and I think everyone remembers what NC State did to EKU.