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A Look At The Post-Spring And Late-August Depth Charts

NC State released its post-spring depth chart back in May, and an updated depth chart was made available today. I've posted both depth charts below.

Post-Spring Depth Chart -- OffensePosition1st String2nd String3rd StringQBMarcus Stone (Jr.*)Daniel Evans (So.*)Mike Greco (Fr.*)RBAndre Brown (So.)Toney Baker (So.)Jamelle Eugene (Fr.*)FB Octavius Darby (So.*)John Kane (So.)Pat Bedics (Jr.*)XWRLamart Barrett (Sr.)Geron James (Fr.*)n/aZWRJohn Dunlap (Jr.)Darrell Blackman (Jr.)Koyal George (So.)TEAnthony Hill (Jr.)Octavius Darby (So.*)Jacob King (So.*)LTJames Newby (Sr.*)Julian Williams (Fr.*)Matthew White (So.*)LGKalani Heppe (Jr.*)Yomi Ojo (Jr.*)Garrett Kline (Jr.*)CLeroy Harris (Sr.*)Luke Lathan (Jr.*)Andy Barbee (Fr.*)RGCurtis Crouch (So.)Meares Green (So.*)Julian Williams (Fr.*)RTJon Holt (Sr.*)Jeraill McCuller (Fr.*)Merci Falaise(Sr.*)

Late August Depth Chart -- OffensePosition1st String2nd String3rd StringQBMarcus Stone (Jr.*)Daniel Evans (So.*)Justin Burke (Fr.)RBAndre Brown (So.)Jamelle Eugene (Fr.*)Toney Baker (So.)FB Toney Baker (So.)John Kane (So.)Pat Bedics (Jr.*)XWRJohn Dunlap (Jr.)Lamart Barrett (Sr.)Geron James (Fr.*)ZWRDarrell Blackman (Jr.)Donald Bowens (Fr.)n/aTEAnthony Hill (Jr.)Matt Kushner (Fr.*)n/aLTJames Newby (Sr.*)Julian Williams (Fr.*)Merci Falaise(Sr.*)LGLeroy Harris (Sr.*)Kalani Heppe (Jr.*)Yomi Ojo (Jr.*)CLuke Lathan (Jr.*)Andy Barbee (Fr.*)Leroy Harris (Sr.*)RGCurtis Crouch (So.)Meares Green (So.*)Andrew Redfern (So.*)RTJon Holt (Sr.*)Meares Green (So.*)Jeraill McCuller (Fr.*)

-- The most notable change to the depth chart is at fullback: gone is Octavius Darby, in is Toney Baker. This gets Baker and Brown on the field together more, which is delicious, and it (probably) gives Jamelle Eugene more carries.

-- Surprisingly, Lamart Barrett lost his starting job to John Dunlap. Barrett is the most experienced receiver we have, so he should still have a big impact this season. I think he could be our best receiver.

-- There is some shuffling along the offensive line, with Leroy Harris taking his All-ACC talents from center to left guard. I worry about having Lathan at center, but I think it's a good idea to move Harris back to his strongest position.

-- The offense may suck again in 2006, but it could potentially be quite good in 2007--assuming we're getting above-average QB play by then. Take a look at the skill positions and count the seniors. There's only one.

Post-Spring Depth Chart -- DefensePosition1st String2nd String3rd StringLDEWillie Young (Fr.*)Martrel Brown (Jr.*)Quentin Brown (Fr.*)LDTDeMario Pressley (Jr.)Teddy Larsen (Fr.*)Alan-Michael Cash (Fr.*)RDT Tank Tyler (Sr.)John Bedics (So.*)n/aRDELittleton Wright (Jr.*)John Amanchukwu (Sr.*)n/aWLBReggie Davis (Sr.)Ray Michel (Fr.*)Guerlin Dervil (Jr.*)MLBPat Lowery (Sr.*)James Martin (Jr.*)Avery Vogt (Fr.*)SLBLeRue Rumph (Jr.*)James Martin (Jr.*)Ernest Jones (Jr.*)RoverGarland Heath (Sr.)DaJuan Morgan (So.*)Vance Proctor (Jr.)RCBJimmie Sutton (Jr.*)Phillip Holloman (Jr.*)Wesley Wilson (So.)FSMiguel Scott (Jr.)JC Neal (So.)Scott Bradsher (So.)LCBAJ Davis (Sr.*)Levin Neal (So.)Jeremy Gray (So.*)

Late-August Depth Chart -- DefensePosition1st String2nd String3rd StringLDERay Brooks (So.*)Audi Augustin (Fr.)Littleton Wright (Jr.*)LDTTank Tyler (Sr.)Teddy Larsen (Fr.*)John Bedics (So.*)RDT DeMario Pressley (Jr.)Alan-Michael Cash (Fr.*)Gerard Miller (So.*)RDEMartrel Brown (Jr.*)Willie Young (Fr.*)John Amanchukwu (Sr.*)WLBReggie Davis (Sr.)Ray Michel (Fr.*)John Ware (Fr.)MLBPat Lowery (Sr.*)Avery Vogt (Fr.*)Nate Irving (Fr.*)SLBJames Martin (Jr.*)LeRue Rumph (Jr.*)Cedric Hickman (Fr.)RoverGarland Heath (Sr.)Miguel Scott (Jr.)Javon Walker (Fr.)RCBJimmie Sutton (Jr.*)Phillip Holloman (Jr.*)Jeremy Gray (So.*)FSDaJuan Morgan (So.*)JC Neal (So.)Scott Bradsher (So.)LCBAJ Davis (Sr.*)Levin Neal (So.)Robbie Leonard (So.*)

-- I feel a lot better about the new starting front four than I did about the post-spring front four. All four second-stringers are freshmen, and that's a little scary.

-- DaJuan Morgan has moved from rover to safety, supplanting Miguel Scott. The coaches have a nice problem at rover: finding time for both Heath and Scott.

-- Reggie Davis is holding onto that starting weakside LB spot. Nothing but freshmen behind him, so let's hope he can handle the job.