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Meet The New Blue...Same As The Old Blue

This article about team slogans is a few days old, but I just want to point it out here, so when I make fun of a certain school's catch phrase all season, you'll know what the hell I'm talkin' about.

At North Carolina, the Tar Heels want a different hue in their blue after finishing 5-6 last season. So senior linebacker Larry Edwards suggested "New Blue" and the other seniors voted to make it official.

"It's the new Carolina, not the original Carolina that we used to be, where people would talk about we were slack or we didn't work hard," running back Ronnie McGill said. "With New Blue, everybody's on the same page; we work out all the time, try to stay positive and don't let people think that we're a pushover."

That's the 2006 UNC football team motto/inspirational slogan: New Blue.

I should add that NC State's 2006 motto is so lame that Duke is also using it.