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Monday Items: Spin The Wheel Of Bomar

-- The Orlando Sentinel writes about the royalties schools receive from EA Sports' NCAA 2007:

Florida State, for example, received approximately $130,000 in royalties from last year's game. Florida received $112,000. The Austin American Statesman reported recently that national-champion Texas earned $110,000. That money is given to universities for the use of their school colors, logos, uniforms and for the depiction of their stadiums, which are displayed in detail in the game.

UCF received about $13,000 in royalties from the '06 game.


At the schools that receive the greatest share of royalties, NCAA Football is proving as profitable as any non-apparel item. At FSU, for example, the '06 game resulted in four times the royalties of the second-place non-apparel item.

-- I'm having a hard time picturing this:

Former N.C. State quarterback Philip Rivers finished off practice on a goal-line play by turning his back to the line of scrimmage and lobbing the ball over his head to All-Pro tight end Antonio Gates in the end zone.

"We'd probably only use that for two-point conversions," coach Marty Schottenheimer joked.

Hey, what could go wrong?

-- New Syracuse uniforms (scroll down) are apparently blue with orange stripes, but the blue looks purple to me. Makes the team look like an alternate-universe Clemson.

-- Hat tip to Deadspin for linking to
this thread. Texas fans are not missing the opportunity given to them by Rhett Bomar.