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New Basketball Commitment?

A little earlier today, Pack Pride was reporting that Rashad Green, the younger brother of UNC's Danny Green, committed to NC State. That story has been removed, however, as this apparently isn't a done deal. I'm not sure what is going on, but it appears the hold up comes from the NC State side.

Indications are that Green intends to go to prep school this fall, so that would make him a part of the Wolfpack's 2007 class.

I was doing some googling and found this assessment of Green on a St. John's message board (warning: huge run-on sentence forthcoming)...

he will go prep he is a 2 (handle needs work) or an undersized 3 no way a 1 , great athlete , better athlete than danny but not as good a ball player, his basketball iq is fair needs to let the game come to him he tries to play 150 miles an hour instead of 100 miles an hour, not afraid to take the big shot, needs to work on his right hand but is a great defender his shot has improved now has 3 point range and will be a good D1 player and a nice kid.