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Scrimmage Report From

Notes from on yesterday's scrimmage... (emphasis below is mine)

The running of Baker and Brown was complimented by the throwing of quarterback Marcus Stone, who connected on 9-of-20 passes for 103 yards. Stone threw touchdown passes of nine yards to tight end Anthony Hill and 30 yards to receiver Darrell Blackman.

"I felt like I did pretty good, not great," Stone said. "I had too many what we call missed layups. When I’ve got an open receiver, I’ve got to put the ball on him. Then again I did make some good throws out there as well. I felt like the passing game looked more promising."

I know it's just the first scrimmage and all that, but I was hoping for some immediate signs of improvement. Stone has got to figure out how to complete over 50% of his least Jay Davis could do that.