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So Long, Tents

Construction on the joint softball/soccer project finally began this week, which means the soccer programs are close to having the upgraded facilities they've needed for years.

If you've ever been to Method Road Soccer Stadium, you know that it is somewhat lacking in basic amenities. Prior to arriving on campus as an undergrad, I'd heard the stadium was awful, but I was still a little shocked when I went to a game for the first time. Method Road is not so much a stadium as it is a collection of loosely-congregated aluminum bleachers. There are no lights. In lieu of a permanent locker/training facility, there are two tents--one for each team. I don't doubt that schools with legitimate facilities--with, you know, doors, climate control, a permanent foundation, things of that nature--loathed coming to Raleigh. Didn't affect their game, though (dang it).

Somehow they managed to get this out of George Tarantini for the press release (linked above):

"Method Road has been a great home for Wolfpack soccer for over 20 years."

Added Tarantini, "we finally have the tools to compete with area high schools, and that's big for us."

The new facility (warning: pdf file) cannot be completed soon enough.