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Thursday Items

-- Our national hoops nightmare begins against Wofford on November 10th.

My first-glance gut prediction: 15-13 (6-10). N-I-T! N-I-T!

-- I answered a few questions about Wolfpack football for Bill at Eagle in Atlanta. Have a look.

-- Well, how about that... has added a blog. It appears that Tim Peeler is going to be the primary contributor. Hopefully they'll work on the layout, but hey, it's a start.

I also hope this is a sign that the new is going to be a much better Says Peeler in his introductory post:

Among the new features that are incorporated into the new site is a greater emphasis on NC State traditions and history. We have a lot of stuff to add, but it will be done gradually, as we pick the minds of those who have been around Wolfpack athletics and NC State for decades, like Senior Associate Athletics Director Emeritus Frank Weedon, like football coach Chuck Amato and basketball coach Sidney Lowe. Who better to ask about those things than the people who experienced them?

Sounds great to me. I've always been disappointed by the lack of historical information on the official site (this is a problem at most schools' sites, not just ours). For instance, I can find a lot more useful info about NC State football at CFB Data Warehouse than I can at the athletics website, and that shouldn't be the case.

-- Congratulations to Cullen Jones, who is finally being properly compensated for his awesomeness.