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Wednesday Items: Pressley Could See Time At DE

-- DeMario Pressley at DE? Let's hope that doesn't become necessary.

N.C. State coach Chuck Amato said the Wolfack's shortage of experience and talent at defensive end could require tackle DeMario Pressley to spend some time at end.

The Wolfpack has nobody that played one snap at end last season, and only sophomore Raymond Brooks, who was ineligible a year ago, has played the position in college. Amato believes the group has potential, but it's obvious he's not comfortable with the situation.

"There's athleticism," Amato said after Tuesday's practice. "There's a lot of inexperience and a lot of youth. Youth and ambition have to take over."

Also in that article: Ted Roof rearranges some deck chairs.

-- Marcus Hudson is playing well in Niners camp so far, and he's back at corner.

"I think eventually he will be a safety, but he has shown me that he might be able to play corner for a while, and I would hate for him to miss that opportunity because it not only will help him but it will help us," Nolan said Monday. "I shouldn't compare him to someone like Ronnie Lott or Dennis Smith, who played cornerback before going to safety. Those are top of the line guys, but still, that doesn't mean that somebody else can't do it."

-- JP Giglio has begun to reveal his pre-season AP poll ballot at ACC Now.

#25 Tennessee
#24 Michigan State
#23 Oregon
#22 BYU
#21 Miami (FL)

On the Vols, JP says:

There’s a tendency to pick teams too high and inevitably, they disappoint (see Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan in 2005). The next season, there’s some serious overcorrection. The tendency is to pick them too low, or not at all, and suddenly, they turn out to be the team you expected, just a year too late.

If you can follow that reasoning, that’s how the Vols make their appearance in the Top 25.

I agree with his point, but I would consider Tennessee at 25 an overcorrection. I think the Vols will be better than that. Should be interesting to see where they land in the first BlogPoll.

-- Dave Glenn posted more comments from Chuck Amato.

-- Four guns and a bulletproof vest?! Doubleyoo tee eff.