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A Wee Bit Early

I saw this at Pack Pride and it cracked me up:

Am I an idiot? I'm in a 19 team league where QBs get 6 pts per TD and 1 pt per 20 passing yards and -1 pt for ints. I had the #5 overall pick and I traded down for the #12 pick and I get his 3rd round pick he gets my 5th round pick. I'm taking Rivers with the #12 overall pick. Am I an idiot?

Drafting Philip Rivers as your starting QB is a bad enough idea. Taking him in the first round of your 19-team league draft is fantasy football suicide. Not even Peyton Manning is defensible at #12. I recently took Rivers in the 13th round (pick #148) of one of my 12-team drafts. VBD is your friend.

Couple other things:

-- Here's the Charlotte Observer's Q&A with Chuck Amato. Not much to see there.

-- Ken Pomeroy is back with a post discussing how the loss of a high usage player will affect Pittsburgh. This was interesting to me because NC State faced a similar problem prior to last season. The Wolfpack managed to maintain a good offense in Julius Hodge's absense because Hodge's possessions were spread so evenly that no one person was forced to take on a workload he couldn't handle.