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What's all this then?

I had planned on getting into the comments made by Chuck Amato during his Monday press conference, but instead I'll just second BJD's assessment.

Someone needs to get Amato some new ammuntion, because this "look at how much better than the other local schools we've been" stuff grows tiresome. Great, Chuck, you're smarter than the Three Stooges. Congratulations.

I listened to the audio to see (1) how what he actually said differs from the transcript and (2) whether or not he really sounded mad.

At one point, Amato asks, "Am I on the hot seat?" A media member responds, "No, but people ask us that."

Two things:

1.) Which people, and for the love of god, why?
2.) Hey, look, a media member admitted that Amato is not on the hot seat.

As for Amato's tone of voice...he didn't sound all that upset to me, but it's not always easy to tell. There is no question he was defensive, though. The length of his response illustrates that fact.

When he was asked how much longer he thought he'd be coaching, he said:

I love it. What am I going to do? I don't play golf. The things I do I can't tell you. Why? I just got here.

Let the speculation about Amato's too-hot-for-the-media hobbies begin! Actually, I think the implication is pretty obvious, and to that I say: ew.

Some other things:

-- The Orlando Sentinel tells us about a local high school football player named Yourhighness Morgan.

"There is not really too much meaning [behind the name]; it's just kind of different," said Yourhighness, who is in his second season with the Raiders' varsity. "My mom came up with the name, and it was because she wanted me to have a different name than all the other kids in the neighborhood."

She succeeded.

There isn't another Yourhighness on the block.

He also has a younger brother, Handsome Morgan, 15, and an older brother, Jacqueece Morgan, 19, is a South Sumter graduate. An older cousin is named Prince Morgan, 17, and another cousin is Gorgeous Morgan, 14.

And Fabulous Morgan, 23, recently came out of the closet (fn. 1).

Jacqueece totally got the shaft.

-- Don't cry for Nebraska over the Harrison Beck deal. The Cornhuskers may be getting Sam Keller.

-- This is fun.


1.) Fabulous Morgan is fictitious. As far as I know...