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Amato Gives Evans The Keys To The Yugo

Daniel Evans will get the start against Boston College. I was somewhat surprised to see the coaches make this change, but I give them credit for being proactive. With the team sitting at 1-2 before it has played a conference game, wait-and-see time is over. Stone had the entire off-season to get better; if he didn't develop over that period--and it's pretty clear that he didn't--he's probably never going to. Giving him one more start, or two more, or whatever, would have meant nothing. We'd be right back here wondering if we should try someone else.

I don't trust what I saw out of Evans against USM, so it'll be interesting how he handles himself early on against Boston College.

From today's press conference:

We just felt we needed more production out of our offense... enough said there. We saw what Daniel did, in a condition when the game was out of reach, and against their first team the first drive and quite a few on the first drive, and we want to see what Daniel will do under the circumstances of being in there at the beginning of the game.

It's my job to put the best team on the field. We have to do everything in my mind and power to help this team win a 60 minute football game. Not a 59:50 football game, a 60 minute football game.