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Assorted Chuck Amato Postgame Comments

Some quotes from Tony Haynes's interview with CTC:

"We had such a great halftime."

"We get the biggest hit we've had in probably seven years that causes a fumble."

Speaking about the second half: "We lost our poise. There was probably a fifteen minute period where we lost our poise."

"Have not seen us knocked around like that in the running game in a long, long time."

"NC State beat NC State." [Note: he proceeds to give plenty of credit to USM.]

"They took it to us" on the first drive of second half.

"Going to ACC schedule now. It's a new season."

"We're starting a new season. Those kids are pretty cranked up."

"There's no quit in the Wolfpack"

On Danny Evans: "He looked awfully good. He looked awfully poised."