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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 2

RankTeamDelta1Southern Cal-- 2Ohio State-- 3Texas 2 4Auburn 1 5Louisiana State 1 6Notre Dame-- 7Michigan 1 8Florida State 1 9Iowa 1 10Louisville 1 11Florida 1 12Tennessee 8 13Georgia 1 14Clemson 1 15Miami (Florida) 1 16West Virginia 1 17Nebraska 1 18Virginia Tech 1 19Oregon 2 20Penn State 2 21Oklahoma 8 22Boston College 3 23Arizona State-- 24Texas Tech 2 25Cal 18
Dropped Out: Arkansas (#24).

Games Watched: BC vs. CMU, South Carolina vs. MSU, Fresno State vs. Nevada, Vandy vs. Michigan, North Texas vs. Texas, App State vs. NC State, Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech, Southern Cal vs. Arkansas, Washington State vs. Auburn, UAB vs. Oklahoma, BYU vs. Arizona, FSU vs. Miami, Kentucky vs. Louisville


-- Feeling much better about USC at #1 after watching the Trojans take care of Arkansas. It could be that Arkansas ends up being unworthy of the praise it has gotten from Phil Steele and others, but for now I'll treat them as a top 25-ish team.

-- I thought about dropping Arizona State from the poll, but again, it's wait-and-see at this point. Ditto Cal. The Bears laid a Boise State-sized egg, but they still deserve to be ranked.