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How about a little help here?

In the post-Rivers era, it seems like NC State has had to battle a negative turnover margin almost every week. The 2004 team stumbled to a losing record not just because it turned the ball over a ton, but also because, for whatever reason, it had trouble generating turnovers. Over the first six games of that season, NC State forced five turnovers, three of which were committed by Richmond in the opener.

In the five games after Richmond, then, State was forced to subsist on two takeaways--two stinkin' fumbles, one by Ohio State and one by Virginia Tech. Five games, zero interceptions. The last three opponents State faced during this span--Wake, UNC, and Maryland--didn't commit a turnover.

The Wolfpack, meanwhile, committed 13 turnovers in those six games, yet somehow managed to win four times. Alas, turnover margin tightened its grip and strangled the Pack in the second half of the season.

The 2005 team managed to turn its season around by turning the turnover trend around: from -5 in the first half (2-4) to +5 in the second half (5-1).

Although we're not that far into 2006 yet, I'm already concerned about a 2004-esque trend plaguing this year's team. Only one school (out of 119) in I-A has committed more turnovers than NC State. Only ten schools have gained fewer turnovers. State has managed one takeaway in the last two games. In the context of the last 26 games, the success that NC State had in the second half of 2005 looks a lot more like the exception than the rule.

So what do you say, Boston College? Throw us a bone (or three)?