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I'll try not to tap my foot too impatiently.

The late start to tomorrow's game means that the absurdity of the new tailgating rules will be fully apparent. What are we supposed to do until 4 PM? Pre-tailgate tailgate? Pace around nervously? I'd mow my lawn or something, but I don't have a lawn.

Normally, television's warm glowing warming glow would provide comfort in this situation, but the slate of games this weekend is terrible. Look at those noon games--a double-dose of Big Ten Super Happy Fun Yawn Time and a couple of lopsided inter-conference matchups. There is no compelling reason to stay home and watch football on television. It's like we're back in kindergarten and Mr. Oblinger is forcing us to take a nap.

In all likelihood, I'll be sitting on the couch tomorrow afternoon bored to tears, staring angrily at the clock wondering why it's moving so slowly, thinking, I could be tailgating right now.

A couple of late items:

-- This FSU fan predicts that NC State will beat Boston College in a shootout, 44-37, and I couldn't help but smile at that. It takes us three games to score 44 points.

-- Dave Glenn discusses the State, Wake, and Carolina games.

BC's defense is most vulnerable to power runs and short, accurate passes, so the Pack will have to hope that Andre Brown and Toney Baker can take some pressure off first-time starting QB Daniel Evans, whose best work comes with short, accurate passes. On defense, NCSU faces a more difficult task because of the Eagles' impressive run-pass balance, but tackle DeMario Pressley and linebacker Pat Lowery in particular should be disruptive forces against the interior of BC's line. On special teams, Pack should have a huge advantage at punter/kicker, with do-it-all senior John Deraney.