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It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small

-- Chuck's not backing down on his statements about non-qualifiers.

Amato said Akron coach J.D. Brookhart told him before Saturday's game that the Zips brought in eight or 10 nonqualifiers last year.

"I said, 'Geez, do you have any limits on nonqualifiers'" Amato said. "He said, 'No.' Those were his words to me. ...

"That has nothing to do with wins, losses, ties, or any of that other stuff. It's a way people, in my opinion, can get ahead. It's a good thing to have on their side."

-- Amato isn't the only ACC coach who said something silly this week.

Did I read that right in Sunday's paper? Did UVa coach Al Groh actually kinda-sorta compare the missed extra-point against Wyoming to the freakin' Super Bowl? Why yes, I believe he did. Here was the quote:

"I was lucky enough to be a part of a team to win the Super Bowl on a kick on the last play of the game that went right. This one felt almost as good."

Oh, boy. Is that how far the Cavaliers have fallen? Here's an idea: Let's save Super Bowl references for, oh, I don't know, beating Duke. At least that's a conference game.

-- Carousel continues for Eagles' linebackers:

Mitch Craft is back. Gerald McRath is gimpy. Jerome Lyons is in the picture. Marcus Raines is now at defensive end.

There could be much shuffling this week on the depth chart at two of the three linebacker spots this week as Southern Miss (1-1) prepares to welcome North Carolina State (1-1) at 6 p.m. Saturday to Roberts Stadium.

-- USM could play two quarterbacks on Saturday:

Through the first two games, the Golden Eagles have played at least two QBs, with junior Stephen Reaves taking over from junior starter Jeremy Young against both Florida and Southeastern Louisiana.

But don't read too much into that.

Reaves got USM's last offensive series at Florida in a game that was out of the Golden Eagles' reach, and came in early Saturday - as planned - against the I-AA Lions.

So, will Reaves play Saturday against North Carolina State?

"I don't think anything is set in stone," Bower said. "We've got two guys (who) can play."

Which means...only expect to see one quarterback as long as the game's close.

-- Eagles know what Brown can do for you.

-- EDSBS launches the Chuck Amato Survival Meter.

-- Murphy Center floods!

-- Did you see that the Islanders signed Rick DiPietro to 15-year deal worth $67.5 million. Gotta love the Isles. Fifteen Rick DiPietro?! If he is forced to retire due to injury, the money in his contract is guaranteed. What a ridiculous and unnecessary roll of the dice.