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A little hasty, if you ask me.

Boy will I be glad when this week is over.

Critics are right: Chuck Amato's time has come

Football fans in Raleigh need to calm down. The Pack's not that good, and they probably won't be good for a while. But the time has come for them to be not very good under somebody else.

And says Matt Hayes:

In one swift move, Amato insulted a non-BCS conference, degraded high school kids who can't qualify on their first attempt to get into school, and -- worse, whether he intended to or not -- made a definitive statement about his ability to win with the players he has recruited.

If I'm an NC State player, how do I feel when my coach says Akron won because they have better players? Meanwhile, Akron has one -- 1 -- non-qualifier on this year's roster.

This is the first sign of a coach on the verge of losing his team. Instead of accepting blame and working toward fixing the problems, blame someone else.

Here we are two weeks into the season and already there's one media member calling for Amato to be fired and another suggesting that the coach may be close to losing control of his team. Jeez, guys, save some material for October, would you?