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Liveblog! NC State @ USM -- Second Half

[8:29PM] Ahh...fifteen minute respite from the Golden Eagles' color guy. Although I'm sort of beginning to like him.

[8:43PM] USM quarterback was 10-15 in the first half, Stone was 6-15. Pack's averaging a little over two yards per carry.

[8:44PM] Or maybe that's 5-16 for Stone. I don't know. I've heard both from the USM crew.

[8:47PM] Here we go! USM returns the kick to the 22 or 23.

[8:49PM] So much for field position. Will we ever see Southern Miss's punter?

[8:52PM] Fletcher's averaging near 6 YPC. And there's the big pass play that the USM coaches thought they could get. Color guy says there was pass interference. There wasn't anything close to pass interference.

[8:53PM] Touchdown Southern Miss, and we're back down ten points. Hello, defense? Have you seen our offense? Maybe we could get a stop or two, yes?

[8:55PM] I can just picture the color guy, smugly sipping from his Jack and coke. He's wondering when we'll stop cheating at everything.

[8:57PM] More terrible camerawork. But I'm glad I half-missed this one. Receiver falls down, easy INT for the USM defensive back. Doomsday.

[9:01PM] No pass rush. "Oh what a spot! What an unbelievably bad spot!" Color guy again. What a douchebag.

[9:03PM] 23-10. Decent job by the defense, I guess. If you asked the USM color guy, though, he'd tell you the Eagles were shafted by another bad spot.

[9:07PM] First down by a hair. Waiting for snide comment from color guy...and there it is!

[9:09PM] Good work, Leroy. Usually it's just your linemates' crappy blocking that kills drives. You've killed this one with a moronic personal foul.

[9:11PM] Holding brings back a great run by Marcus Stone. Third-and-24. Screen gets nothing...time to punt.

[9:13PM] Turnover? Wha? More snide comments! Yes! "Being on the ground only applies if you're wearing a white jersey."

[9:16PM] Drive looks good so far. Knock on wood.

[9:18PM] Sideline guy: USM RB did in fact fumble. Take that and cram it, color guy.

[9:20PM] Crucial mistake from Marcus...sigh. What a terrible throw.

[9:22PM] Tank Tyler has been ejected. And the game reaches a new low.

[9:24PM] This game is just about over. Let the bad tackling display continue!

[9:26PM] 30-10. We suck.

[9:27PM] Another personal foul on the Wolfpack. Glad we're keeping composure, because this isn't already embarrassing or anything.

[9:30PM] Pack converts third down...but no, holding on the play brings it back. The ball is inside the NC State ten. Eight penalties, 74 yards.

[9:32PM] Okay. Okay. Only fifteen minutes left. Thank Christ.

[9:33PM] Fabulous punt by Deraney. That's all we got. The kicking game. Even the color guy manages to compliment Deraney without mentioning cheating.

[9:37PM] We're officially mailing it in. USM offense will probly pound out another TD here.

[9:40PM] "That's a pretty marginal one there." USM was called for holding on a third down option play. Color guy reminds us that Eagles are incapable of error.

[9:48PM] Backup QB time! This is the only reason I'm still watching.

[9:49PM] Danny Evans converts a fourth down. Go Danny Go!

[9:51PM] Nice throw by Evans again. Wolfpack is driving.

And there is a TD pass to John Dunlap!

QB controversy?

[9:53PM] Over the break, Jeff Bower reminds us to think before we drink. Take heed, color guy.

[9:56PM] Right back down the field goes USM. Yawn.

[9:58PM] Over 250 rushing yards for the Eagles.

[10:00PM] 2:39 left, NC State ball. At least we'll get to see Danny Evans throw it a little more.

[10:03PM] Jamelle Eugene looked like he was shot out of a gun on that screen. Pack is back inside the 30.

[10:05PM] Eagles big man with an INT. Heckuva play, too.

[10:06PM] And it is ovah. I can't wait to hear what Chuck has to say.