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The Piling On Continues

-- Remember Mike Farrell? He wrote a column asserting that Chuck Amato had not focused enough recruiting effort on North Carolina prospects. This column was ripped to pieces by SFN, the issue was discarded, and we moved on.

Farrell's latest discusses the hot seat, and, well, see the bolded text:

NC State: The loss to Akron was bad, and the follow-up loss to Southern Miss was simply awful. Short of a run at a division title and a berth in the ACC Championship Game, Chuck Amato is likely gone. Amato is a victim of his own great start and high expectations but also of recruiting Florida harder than North Carolina. Former NC State assistant coach Doc Holliday would be an excellent choice to take over in Raleigh. He lacks head coaching experience, but he can recruit. Wolfpack fans dream of Bill Cowher coming back to his alma mater to save the day, but that’s not gonna happen. In the meantime, State is sliding off the radar during the best year in North Carolina for high school talent in decades.

-- The Charlotte Observer's Tom Sorensen is on the "fire Chuck!" bandwagon:

N.C. State loses because it has the discipline of 5p.m. traffic. Amato's players are last in the league in turnover margin. Against Southern Mississippi they committed 10 penalties and had a player thrown out of the game.

But it's still early.

The weather is superb, the leaves are still on the trees and hope is in the air. At N.C. State hope means that when 2007 comes around somebody other than Amato runs the program.

We need, like, a six game winning streak, since it becomes a lot harder to type things with a foot in your mouth.

"That's right, Tom! We're 7-2! What say you now?"

"Mmmphrgh! Pffolph! Turmophrghph!" [*drool runs down chin*]

-- Not much news on the NCAA/diploma mill situation lately, but here is an article about NC's Patterson School by Gary Parrish.

"They don't even have to get a rental car; I'll meet them in Charlotte, pick them up and drive them back to our campus," said Stevens, headmaster of the Patterson School, located about 80 miles north of Charlotte. "I welcome them. I want them to come and visit us. We have nothing to hide."