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Some Kind Words From BC's Student Paper

Welcome to NC State:

Carter-Finley Stadium, while no Doak Campbell (Florida State) or Clemson Memorial Stadium, certainly holds its own with 57,082 screaming red-and-white clad fans delivering, at times, deafening noise. Not to mention their traveling fan base, which is always more than respectable.

With brand new arenas, including the RBC Center (basketball) and Carter-Finley, athletes have access to state-of-the-art facilities rivaled by few other universities around the nation.

But what's most impressive is the way their fans conduct themselves. Simply put, I've never met more polite strangers in my entire life. I even got to dine at the Strutting Wolf Grill - and free of charge.

To those Wolfpack fans who were so inviting to this BC fan/journalist: thank you. Simple acts of kindness can pay off in unexpected ways.