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Talking BC With An Eagle In Atlanta

This week, I exchanged some questions with Bill from Eagle in Atlanta. Below, Bill talks about how Boston College athletics have affected his health and lets us know what we might see from the Eagles this weekend. My answers to Bill's questions will appear on his site in the next couple of days.

1) I'll bet you're ready for a breather. How many years of life have the last two weeks cost you?

Oh, I am not going to see my 40th birthday. Being a BC fan will do that. Just in the past 12 months, I've endured an OT game in person at Clemson (and it was over 100 on the heat index), a win over Wake were BC was down 9 with three minutes left, a nail biter in Boise, the OT win over NC State in basketball, an OT game to open the NCAAs, a tough loss to Nova in the tourney, a nail biter at CMU and now two more OT games.

I am not the only one. BC has a disproportionate amount of alums with Irish ancestry. We are prone to drinking problems and heart disease. This is not good for any of us.

2) Statistically speaking, BC's defense is off to a rough start. How concerned are you? How much better will the unit get?

Very concerned. I expect the unit to be much better. Yes, we had to replace some key figures, but in many cases I thought the backups would potentially be upgrades. So far they are proving not to be. I am not as concerned about the linebackers or secondary. The defensive line has me really worried. They are playing hard and smart, but have no speed. We are barely getting to the QB. And when we do break the pocket, no one seems to be able to chase down the opposing QB. These guys are young but they need to grow up fast.

3) What's the defense's biggest weakness?

The defensive line. And to a lessor extent the scheme. By design, BC plays a lot of zone and gives receivers cushion. This works if you are getting pressure up front. But if you don't, then the opponent can pick you apart up and down the field. That is what is happening now.

4) The Eagles have thrown the ball a lot in their first three games, but do you think they'll be more focused on running the ball against the Wolfpack?

Based on what Southern Miss did to you guys, I do think we will focus on the run. But there is a chance BC could play with fire and decide to get into another shoot out. The logic being -- 'we know we can move the ball on them and pass for 300+ yards. Can a young QB in his first start throw for 300+ against us?' Now O'Brien is way too conservative to ever get in a shoot out by design, but it might make sense this week considering your QB situation.

5) Is this the year? Ten wins for Tom O'Brien?

I thought it could be and the schedule is looking promising (rough starts for NCSU, Duke, Miami and getting Clemson and Virginia Tech at home). But based on the way the team has lucked out, I am worried. BC has not played good football yet. If they pull it together, they could be awesome. If they don't, they will lose a game to someone they shouldn't.