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That Really Happened

 N 1-10 N28 NC STATE drive start at 00:46 (4th).
N 1-10 N28 Evans, D. pass incomplete to Bowens, D.
N 2-10 N28 Evans, D. pass complete to Hill, A. for 18 yards to the NCS46, 1ST
(Silva, J).
N 1-10 N46 QB hurry by Smith, B.
N 1-10 N46 TEAM pass incomplete.
N 2-10 N46 Evans, D. pass complete to Dunlap, J. for 20 yards to the
N 1-10 B34 Evans, D. pass complete to Dunlap, J. for 34 yards to the BC0, 1ST
, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:05.
Deraney, J. kick attempt good.

With three minutes left in the game, Daniel Evans's fourth-down pass was intercepted by DeJuan Tribble at NC State's 35 yard line.

Almost immediately, a bunch of Wolfpack fans hopped from their seats and started for the exits. The game was over. Boston College was practically in field goal range already. The Eagles had run the ball well all night. The clock was going to start as soon as the ball was spotted. NC State only had one timeout left.

By the time NC State got the ball back with less than a minute to go, I could see cars lined up in the parking lot.

Forty-six seconds, 72 yards. Yeah, this looks likely.

Clock starts after the change of possession... down to 40 seconds... ball is snapped... incomplete pass. Crap. So much for this.

Evans drops back on second down... hits Anthony Hill, who isn't able to get out of bounds, though he is near midfield. Hey, just maybe. Just maybe...

Weary but hopeful cheers emanate from the people remaining in the stands. "Don't get your hopes up," my friend reminds me. I insist that my expectations are properly grounded.

Evans completes a 20-yard pass to John Dunlap, moving the team to BC's 34. Less than 20 seconds left. I turn to my friend, hold up my crossed fingers. "We're due! We gotta be due!"

Danny Evans looks to the right side and sees single coverage on John Dunlap. He takes a few steps forward and lobs the ball to the endzone. John Dunlap and the BC defender jump for the ball. The ball hits Dunlap in the hands... he does not catch it... but it's still in the air!... Dunlap secures the ball as he lands on his back... there is a delay while the official in the back of the endzone considers what he just saw... wait... wait... touchdown!

There is wild celebration in the stands. I'm jumping up and down, and I swear the temporary bleachers are swaying. But then the play is reviewed, and I try to prepare myself for the inevitable reversal. The Pack were just teasing us again, probably. The review ends up being surprisingly quick, and the official says a few of the most beautiful words I've ever heard: "There is no incontrovertible evidence--" At which point, the stadium explodes again.

Holy crap, they're going to let us get away with this! John Deraney nails the extra point, and after a brief period of nail biting, the game is over. NC State 17, Boston College 15. And... exhale. Whew.