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Thru 3 Games

It's not pretty...

NCSU Offense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRushing Offense121.3 yds70Passing Offense147.3 yds98Total Offense268.7 yds98Scoring Offense19.0 pts84NCSU Defense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRushing Defense147.3 yds81Passing Defense171.3 yds41Total Defense318.7 yds55Scoring Defense22.3 pts62

And there is turnover margin: -2.33 (116th in the country).

I was surprised to see that three ACC teams are ranked lower in total offense than NC State: Florida State (105th), Duke (110th), and Virginia (112th). So I guess we can't expect the NC State/UVA game to be televised. Not that it should be.