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Thursday Items: FSU Links And Other Topics

-- This just in! Bye weeks come at a good time for every team that has one, although Chuck is maybe not so sure he likes the timing of his:

But that extra time also makes it tougher to build off the momentum generated by last week’s last-minute upset of then-No. 20 Boston College.

"It’s hard to tell — it gives us a little extra preparation time for Florida State, but they’ve got the same preparation time," Amato said. "How much momentum (from) that B.C. game will carry us ... yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today’s the only gift we have."

There is so much talk of intangibles in sports, and so much of that talk is wasted breath. Momentum carryover? I won't go so far as to say that how the team played last week doesn't matter at all, but I would argue that it means little for the next game. (Unrelated: there is comedy in the title of the Fayettville Observer article.)

-- A new student seating plan is in place for the FSU game, and it involves stamps. And standing in line for a while.

But Quick noted a primary concern for students all season -- tailgating.

"[Will] tailgating be extended an hour?" he asked.

Stafford's response yielded laughter among the panel.

"I like this because tailgating will be reduced by an hour," he said. "Not a bad idea."

Adam Compton, student body treasurer, also offered his concerns about tailgating.

"If this is going to be the solution to the problem," he said. "I would personally like to see longer tailgating hours."

Most of the student reaction at The Wolf Web has been negative. I don't blame them; I'd be upset about the changes as well.

-- Since I can't seem to register to comment at RAWFS, I'll use this space to thank them for this post. Much appreciated, guys! You totally made my day.

-- The Seminoles expected more out of their first four games, but they are banged up and relying on a lot of youth:

Redshirt freshman Michael Ray Garvin is listed at first team at field cornerback, where Carter has started 17 consecutive games but is unlikely for the North Carolina State game next week after injuring himself on punt-return duty. Another redshirt freshman, Jamie Robinson, is No. 1 at boundary cornerback, where Bryant, a junior, has started.

FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews noted that all of that could change depending on what happens in practices leading to the North Carolina State game Oct. 5. Three freshmen, including one true freshman, have already started on defense this season. The two-deep depth chart for FSU's defense features more than a dozen players who are sophomores or younger.

In other news, Florida State is focusing on the run after Andre Brown's performance in Tally last season. Quarterback Drew Weatherford spoke to the media on Tuesday.

-- Here, thanks in large part to College Football Resource, is a list of some Florida State blogs that you can check out over the next week. There's not a lot of NC State talk from FSU bloggers yet, but just from my quick perusal I think the best bets for coverage are the Tampa Tribune's Blog, The Chop Shop, and Tomahawk Nation.

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