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Thursday Items

-- Two Akron links I had intended to stick in my previous post on the Zips:

Akron Depth Chart (PDF)
Akron Media Guide

-- I dropped by an Akron message board this afternoon and couldn't help but laugh when I saw this thread. There, on a lightly-trafficked MAC school's message board, a UNC fan, a Maryland fan, and an ECU fan stop by to flame. Far be it from me, a guy who writes on the internet for nothing, to make a judgment about how people allocate their free time, but good heavens. Trolling the Akron board? That's gotta be a new low.

Now I wish I'd stopped by a William & Mary message board (does one exist?) last week to let everyone know how much Sam Hollenbach stinks.

-- A couple of guys go to the Brickyard and give some helpless students the NCSU fan aptitude test.