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Toney Baker's TD Run

(Click on a photo, then click the "All Sizes" button on the subsequent page to see a larger version.)

Baker Receives Handoff
In the above shot, Baker has received the handoff from Marcus Stone. The offensive line has effectively sealed off the left side of the ASU defense, and Curtis Crouch (I'm pretty sure it's him) is pulling to put a hat on linebacker Cam Speer (#27). The Appalachian safety, Corey Lynch (#47), is running in to cover the gap; it's going to be up to him to make the tackle. Toney's waiting for Crouch to hit Speer.

No One Between Baker And The Endzone
In this second shot, you can see the hole open wide for Toney Baker. The left side is still sealed off, and Curtis Crouch has engaged Speer, creating a gap on either side. Lynch must choose which gap to take, and he chooses the one to the right. Baker makes a cut and surges into the gap to the left. The result: clear sailing and an easy touchdown.

Baker Runs For Goalline
Six points.