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Worried? Who's worried?

-- Pending cooperation from the webcast, I'm planning on liveblogging the State/USM game tomorrow. If, during the game, you happen to be on the internet registering you disgust, feel free to drop by. And if it all becomes too much, go ahead and cry into your beer. I won't judge you. I likely will also be crying.

The early forecast calls for a lot of sarcasm.

-- Bower says Eagles must 'play hard.' That's probably a good idea.

-- Well, I found one sportswriter who doesn't dislike Chuck Amato. But I had to go all the way to Hartford.

First coach on the hot seat? N.C. State's Chuck D'Amato. The Wolfpack are 1-1, but struggled with I-AA Appalachian State (23-10) and lost 20-17 to Akron - both at home. The Pack are at Southern Miss on Saturday. N.C. State was 7-5 last season. Larry Coker might join him next if the 'Canes lose to the Cards.

-- The Goldsboro News-Argus, which, as we all know, has been covering Wayne county since 1885, catches up with Manny Lawson.
"My first big purchase has got to be a place to stay," Lawson said, undoubted with a large smile. "That's going to be hard, because I'm from Goldsboro, N.C., which is the country. I have been looking out here, and I found a townhouse for $800,000. Do you know what I could do with $800,000 back in North Carolina? I just stood there. I didn't want to touch anything in the townhouse. For $800,000, I could probably buy Goldsboro."

-- This is great imagery.

WVU’s run-wackiness turned the Terps to cinders in fifteen minutes last night, with Slaton going for 149 in the first quarter, scoring twice, and reducing Kirk and Chris to stuttering bystanders as Friedgen hovered like a furious blimp on the Maryland sidelines.

I can't help but picture the Goodyear blimp with a huge frowny face on its nose.