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BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 10

Last week's ballot is located here.

RankTeamDelta1Ohio State-- 2Michigan-- 3Florida 3 4Tennessee-- 5Auburn-- 6Texas 1 7Southern Cal 4 8West Virginia 1 9California 1 10Louisville 1 11Notre Dame 1 12LSU 1 13Boston College 1 14Clemson 6 15Oklahoma-- 16Arkansas-- 17Wisconsin-- 18Rutgers-- 19Georgia Tech-- 20Virginia Tech 6 21Texas A&M 1 22Oregon 2 23Brigham Young 3 24Washington State 2 25Boise State--
Dropped Out: Nebraska (#21), Missouri (#23), Wake Forest (#24).

Games Watched: Clemson vs. VPI, NC State vs. UVA, USC vs. Oregon State, Georgia vs. Florida, GT vs. Miami, Tennessee vs. Souf Klina, Texas vs. Texas Tech


-- Our game against Wake was the first time I'd seen the Deacs, and afterwards I kinda felt like they weren't rankworthy. Having to fend off Carolina with an INT in the endzone at the last second definitely means you aren't rankworthy. So they gone.

-- Brigham Young is a team that I think should be getting more credit. The Cougars have two losses and both occurred on the road (at Arizona to open the season and in overtime at Boston College). They won easily at TCU and completely drubbed Tulsa; Tulsa's getting more votes in both major polls, which doesn't seem right.

-- I wave dismissively in your direction, Boise State.