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I can live with one out of two.

-- JJ Hickson committed to NC State earlier today. But you know that already. One of the strengths of JJ's game, per his Scout profile, is rebounding. I'm leery of our transition from Herb's system (hi, I'm the only person on the planet who liked Herb's offense. Nice to meet you.) to whatever Lowe is running, but I will say that it is going to be great having more traditional forwards on the roster for the rebounding and the defense and the et cetera.

-- No more high fives, Rick Kravitz! Painful things happen.

Last Thursday night, seconds after an interception by Kravitz's secondary sealed N.C. State's 24-20 upset of No. 17 Florida State, Kravitz raced onto the Carter-Finley Stadium field.

"On the sidelines, I'm low-fiving and high-fiving everyone," Kravitz said. "Then I'm running around on the field like a nut and I run and low-five someone, I don't even remember who it was, and I felt a 'jar' in my arm.

"I keep jumping around, but I'm not doing any more high-fives or low-fives."

He found out he had torn his bicep. He delayed the surgery until Sunday so he could make a recruiting visit to St. Petersburg during the weekend. The previous weekend he was recruiting in Tampa.

Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah! Ow! Dammit! Ow! Dammit!

He's got more work to do if he wants to top Bill Gramatica.

-- I recommend stopping by The Dugout today, if only for the Jim Thome bit.

-- A quick mention of Matt Mangini from Baseball America:

Interestingly, neither Hunt nor Forbush rates as the top transfer from the Cape League prospects list. That honor goes to fifth-ranked third baseman Matt Mangini, who jumped from North Carolina State to Oklahoma State.

Anyone know why he left? It couldn't be for playing time. Maybe he got tired of Elliot Avent's poor managerial tactics.

-- As in the regular polls, NC State managed a couple of votes in this week's BlogPoll (note: link won't display properly in IE). Neither of which were cast by myself or SFN, mind you. I was shocked, since it seems like we get even less respect around the internets than we do in the media. Badger Sports and Mountainlair will be receiving a complimentary pair of sunglasses.