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Liveblog! NC State @ Maryland -- Second Half

[1:29PM] Amato can save his halftime yelling for his own damn staff. This is ridiculous. The performance by the team could not have been any more frustrating, and when it looks like the coaches have their heads up their collective sphincters, it doesn't make the game easier to bear. Marcus option play...needing like six yards? What, was Stone looking sad in practice? Did he throw a temper tantrum? Let's throw him a bone and kill our only half-decent drive of the game. That's a great idea.

[1:38PM] 118 total yards for State, 149 for UMD. Pack only has 25 yards passing.

[1:42PM] Chuck told the team "it's a thirty minute game" at halftime. Which is also what he tells them prior to the game, apparently.

[1:45PM] Brown, perhaps because of the shoulder, fumbles away a nice run. It's not our day.

[1:49PM] Screen pass for the Maryland TD. Naturally. 13-0.

[1:52PM] This is where the alcohol comes in handy.

[1:54PM] we fold up the tent at this point? Probably, as it would require good coaching to keep the team from quitting.

[1:59PM] Let's go for-ward! Clap clap clap-clap-clap.

[2:02PM] The sad thing about this is Maryland's run defense is definitely soft. If we were up--or just playing decently--we could really be taking advantage.

[2:07PM] This is a must-TD drive, obviously. Hopefully the coaches are aware of this and don't end up kicking a field goal should we have a fourth down.

[2:09PM] There's a fade pass, and it worked! Finally.

[2:09PM] A terrible first down run is bailed out by a facemask call.

[2:11PM] Maybe we could take a little longer to score. That would really help.

[2:12PM] Touchdown. Deraney has his PAT blocked...

[2:15PM] Come on turnover! Just one. Maryland's been handing them out like Sweet Tarts on Halloween, but of course they've been plenty secure with the ball today. And there's a personal foul call, putting UMD right up near midfield. Idiotball is back.

[2:17PM] Turnover, damn you! Turnover! Maryland back in the red zone.

[2:20PM] I just saw a bee flying around Amato's head, and I kinda wanted that bee to sting him.

[2:22PM] Ennis hits the field goal and it's a three-possession game again.


[2:27PM] Must go faster. Must go faster. Doc Walker has tiny binoculars.

[2:29PM] Evans threw the "old school post," according to Walker, whatever the hell that is. So at least we're kickin' it old school, y'all.

[2:32PM] Our offensive tackles are useless. Tiny binoculars! That's what she said.

[2:34PM] John Deraney only punts the ball 40+ yards when he's trying not to. If the Maryland return man hadn't caught the ball inside the ten, it's a touchback.

[2:38PM] Three-and-out for Maryland. Shoot yourselves in the foot, Terps, it's our only hope.

[2:40PM] Every time we do something good, there is a flag. We have to do something moronic so there's a "but" to every positive outcome. Pointless dive into endzone! Alright! So we kickoff from the 20, giving Maryland the ball at midfield again. Great. Just freakin' great.

[2:43PM] There's the turnover! YES.

[2:45PM] We promptly start going backwards. Come on, guys.

[2:47PM] Wow, did the offensive line ever kill that opportunity.

[2:50PM] Beautiful call on third down by Friedgen.

[2:51PM] So let's not call timeout or anything. Amato can't use them unless they are made necessary by his unpreparedness.

[2:54PM] WTF? CALL TIMEOUT. STOP CHEWING YOUR GUM AND PAY ATTENTION. Unbelievable. We lost at least a minute, and then, after Maryland's huddled and over 20 seconds have elapsed since the last play, we FINALLY CALL TIMEOUT. Is anyone paying attention? Did Amato start drinking at halftime like I did?

[3:02PM] Onside kick time. It's gonna take another huge break.

[3:14PM] This one's official. :(