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Some Points About Greg Paulus

Good stuff from Hoopinion:

Writes Goodman on the heavily-capitalized

"As Greg Paulus goes, so do the Duke Blue Devils."

Anybody who has watched Paulus play would assume that Goodman means that Duke is headed toward missed shots (43% eFG), turnovers (32.8 TO Rate), and terrifically ineffective defending (watch the games).

Find more of Paulus' stats (and a link to the stats glossary in case you need it) here.

This compelled me to dust off my spreadsheet to look at his conference-only numbers... (Hoopinion references his full-season stats)

Paulus -- ACC Games Only

TO Rate: 35.1%
eFG%: 36.3% (37.5% on twos and 22.6% on threes)
O Rtg: 81.1
PPWS: 0.83

Here is a list of other ACC starters who had an O Rtg lower than Paulus' in conference play:

1.) Tunji Soroye (UVA)

And Soroye only played in 45% of his team's minutes, compared to Paulus' 82%.