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Thru 5 Games

I have added a new column to the tables: Rank Change. This shows how the team's rank in a particular category changed from last week to this week.

NCSU Offense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Offense131 yds67--Passing Offense162.2 yds92+2Total Offense293.2 yds96+1Scoring Offense19.6 pts90-3

NCSU Defense CategoryPer GameNat'l RankRank ChangeRushing Defense142 yds71+12Passing Defense182.4 yds40-9Total Defense324.4 yds57+1Scoring Defense20.4 pts53+4

We're up to 112th in turnover margin, ahead of three ACC teams. Duke and Maryland are tied for 114th, while UNC is all by itself at 118th. Arkansas, which had the biggest win of the weekend but again failed to generate any takeaways, remains DFL.